The High Touch Network is a web of people linked together by their love and practice of this art. High Touch is shared and spread from person to person, usually a trusted friend showing to it another. In this way it grew. In 1980, Betsy Ruth Dayton, M.Ed. founded the High Touch Network, whose purpose is to support the study and practice of ancient knowledge in new ways for our modern times.

Each person shares it in a little different manner. Many are parents using it in their family life, teaching their children and loved ones. Many are allied health professionals who have incorporated it into their classes. Others are full time High Touch Practitoners or Instructors. Some instructors only offer apprenticeships, others offer larger classes. Some teach mostly health care professionals, while others offer classes for home care use. The High Touch materials are tools to facilitate the study of this art. Much of the essence of the art is transmitted from person to person because it is an interactive art. Therefore the use of the High Touch advanced material requires that it be passed on through a trained person.

The High Touch Instructors are trained by Betsy Ruth Dayton. Betsy and the Certified Instructors offer classes periodically throughout the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe.

A growing number of High Touch Practitioners and Instructors are joining the Network. The High Touch office maintains a list of the Certified Instructors and Practitioners. It is with great appreciation and love for this form of energy work that Betsy and the High Touch Instructors hope to share this “art of happiness”. The goal of the network is that someday this gentle healing art will be in everyone’s hands. This will be accomplished through experiencing and understanding it, one by one, each person sharing it with loved ones.

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